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Université Catholique de l’Ouest

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 Kevin Eastell, Ph. D.

Directeur émerite/Praefectus Emeritus:

 Dr. Germain Marc’hadour


Clare M. Murphy, Ph.D., editor, Moreana.


Fields of interest

Publication and research in the field of Thomas More (1477-1535) and his world, in his own time and since. Moreanum has a library rich in primary and secondary sources on More and Erasmus, as well as on the Renaissance and Reformation in general.

Research Orientation

Themes: More and his circle of fellow humanists and sometimes hostile reformers both in England and on the Continent; More as historical figure, major writer, educator, statesman, controversialist, martyr, canonized saint, and subject for later literature, including the contemporary. Methodology is generally up to the author or researcher, except for the necessity of rigorous attention to quotation from critical editions or original sources and to accurate translation of sources. Publication may be in either French or English.



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